Eisha Singh Quit Zara’s Nikah Zee World Series

As you may or may not already know, Eisha Singh has stopped appearing in the Zee world series Zara’s Nikah. This because Eisha Singh quit Zara’s Nikah.

According to what is gathered, Eisha Singh will be replaced with Tunisha Sharma.  Many people asking the reason for why she quit. So, in this Article i’m going to be sharing with you all the details.

It is very regular for zee world series actors to quit whatever show they are in. Some actors do this for good reasons while some others do it for what may appear as not good enough reason to the viewers.

Some actors end up regretting their decision while some return to shows they once quit, if they still have the opportunity. Just like in the case of Eisha Singh.

Why Old Zara Eisha Singh Quit Zara’s Nikah

The zee world series zara’s nikah is having a season two as many people term it. According to sources Eisha Singh once quit the show in 2019 which resulted to a replacement for the character Zara with Tunisha Sharma.

Eisha Singh quit the show earlier because she got another movie project offer. This new project clashes in shooting dates with Zara’s Nikah. Believing this new project to do better, she quit zara nikah.

Who Replaced Zara in Zara’s Nikah

Tunisha Sharma is an Indian actress who was born on the 4th of January 2002. She has been in movies like the internet Walla love, ashoka the great or Emperor Ashoka and Zara nikah.

Tunisia Sharma replaced Eisha singh from late 2019 to mid 2020. However, she also quit at some point herself.

Adding herself to the long list of actors who quit their shows. In her reason for quitting, show stating that the show’s shoot resumption date was complicated. Also, she was quitting for some personal reasons.

Personally, I observed that viewers prefer Eisha Singh for the role Zara. This may be because Eisha already built some level of connection with her co-actor, Adnan Khan.

That said, This is how Eisha Singh got back to the show.

According to sources, After Tunisha Sharma quit, The producers of the Zara’s Nikah approached Eisha Singh with a rise in her pay.

Alongside her co-actor Adnan Khan, Who also got a rise in his pay.

Reacting on her return to the Zee world series, Eisha Singh said the show was like a baby to her and she really missed working on the show.

The show finally got to a wrap after eight new episodes and they stopped shooting in September 2020.

This means that for some time the character Zara is going to change but the original Zara is going to return.

The series Zara’s Nikah was first produced in Hindi with the Title Ishq Subhan Allah. On Zee worls Africa, it is dubbed into English and Hausa and named Zara’s Nikah in English.

Zara’s Nikah is not the only series that the actors quit at some point. See also, how Mahira and Sarla in This is Fate Zee World quit too.