twist of fate actors and actresses dating in real life

Twist of Fate Actors and Actresses Dating in Real Life

Zee word twist of fate actors and actresses who are actually dating in real life or have once been rumored to be dating. this article is necessitated by what people have been saying or assuming so. I hope you hang on and get the full gist.

Krishna Kaul and Aparna Mishra (Ranbir and Sahana)

There is a misconception that Ranbir is actually with Prachi in real life but this is not true. Rather, Krishna Kaul that is Ranbir, is actually dating Shahana that is Aparna Mishra in real life.

It is believed that the couple has been together even before they were casted for the zee world series twist of fate in English

The fact in real life is that Prachi is actually married and Ranbir is dating Shahana not Prachi

Twist of Fate Actors and Actresses Arjit Taneja, Mrunal Thakur, Charu Mehra and Sriti Jha

At one point or another actor Arjit Taneja has been linked with these three ladies Mrunal Thakur that is bulbul, Charu Mhera who took the role Poorvi, and of course Sriti Jha who is popularly known as Pragya all actresses from twist of fate.

Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur

When Bulbul or Mrunal Thakur was reached regarding this matter she said it is not true.

Stating that she was not dating Arjit Taneja and that herself and Arjit see themselves barely once in a year

According to Bulbul she said those times she was hanging out with Arjit that Pragya was also present. However, she doesn’t appear in most of their pictures because she is a private person

When Arjit Taneja was reached regarding the same issue he said something similar.

Arjit Taneja and Charu Mehra

On the other hand there is Arjit Taneja and Charu Mehra. Sharing his picture on Arjit’s birthday Charu Mehra called Arjit the tom to her jerry and her favorite person in the world.

This is adding to the conviction that most people had that Arjit’s partner is actually Poorvi that is Charu mehra

Charu Mehra also posted Arjit and Pragya’s picture that is Sriti and captioned it mine with heart emojis

Mrunal Thakur could be seen in the comment section with a lot of heart emojis.

As usual, the actors Arjit Taneja and Charu Mehra also denied the claim. Rather they channeled their closeness to being just good friends, though a lot of people were convinced that Charu Mehra was the one

Pragya and Purab (Sriti Jha and Arjit Taneja) Twist of fate Actors Who are Couples Too?

Arjit Taneja and Sriti Jha were also once rumored to be in a relationship.

I believe that it is very difficult for these celebrities or actors to handle these things. This is because after they’ve been seen with some of their co-actors on social media for several times on different occasions

People tend to assume that they are in a relationship which might or might not be true

In the case of Pragya that is Sriti Jha and Arjit Taneja it is obvious that they are very close as they have personally seen them in one of their live videos. It happens that Pragya and Arjit Taneja actually live in the same house

Don’t get it wrong this does not mean that they live together it means that they are neighbors. This info was shared by Pragya that is Sriti on Arjit taneja’s birthday

On his birthday Pragya shared

“There’s only so much i can say every year on your birthday on Instagram our friendship is like a shared uncontrollable laughter that only two of us will get to my housemates in Goa and New York happy birthday Arjit Taneja”

Ruchi Savarn and Ankit Mohan

Next on this list is Ankit Mohan and Ruchi Savarn that is Disha and Akash from the Zee world series in English twist of fate.

In the case of Disha and Akash they are actually married in real life. They are husband and wife.

Akash and Disha that is Ankit’s Mohan and Ruchi Savarn got married in 2015 and later in 2021 they welcomed their first child congratulations to the couple on the birth of dear baby.

Zeeshan Khan and Reyhna Pandit Join Twist of Fate Actors and Actresses who are Couples

The love story between these two started off as a rumor but then turned out to be true. That was after Zeeshan took a very bold step.

What is the bold step that he took ? I will tell you just hang on.

It is very surprising because Zeeshan and Reyhna acted as mother and son in the zee world series twist of fate. As Aliya and Aryan

Well, to clear the air Zeeshan took a very bold step to make the relationship official. He did this via his Instagram handle.

He said “From my best friend to being the love of my life from my happiness to be in my peace of mind. You are everything i wished for and more”.

“Each second I spend with you, every breath I take in your presence fills my heart with a love that’s only described in fairy tales. And yes I know there are people who have their doubts and feel this sort of love can’t be true. But hey people usually don’t believe what they think they can’t have”.

“And I wish everyone feels the love we do because something so magical is nothing less than a fairy tale. You are my girl and imma tell the whole wide world. Tell everybody that you are my girl. I love you baby buns”.

The reason people do not believe this can happen is because Reyhna is actually older than Zeeshan. Not with one year, not with two years but 10 whole years and Reyhna had been married before.

She is divorced and has a child with her ex-husband.

Who would have believed that she would find love again in the eyes of a very young man?

Reyhna Pandit’s Reaction

So when she was reached, she said “when you spend time with someone for a long time you see the real person”. the attraction was from both sides but she didn’t admit it at first.

“We did many things together. Workout, dinner, games while shooting and I miss him whenever we are not together”.

“Our 10 years age gap does not bother us. He is old enough to decide what he wants.

“He gives me confidence and makes me comfortable”. She added and gave instances with people like Priyanka Chopra and Malika Arora who are older than their husband.

She stated that before men could not be in relationship with older women but now it is okay if the woman is older.

That’s it! Twist of fate actors and actresses who are or were rumored to be real life couples.

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