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Broda Shaggi Mother Birthday: The Woman that Became my Father

Broda Shaggi mother is so beautiful.

Comedienne Broda Shaggi celebrates his mother’s birthday along with beautiful pictures and epistle.

Broda Shaggi calls his mother “the woman who became my father”.

Mothers are the backbone of many children, especially where the father is absent due to many reasons.

Comedienne, Broda Shaggi appears to be one of those people who their mothers have been very instrumental in their upbringing.

This is evident within the epistle Broda Shaggi shared along with beautiful pictures to celebrate his mother’s birthday as she turns a year older today.

In his caption Broda Shaggi wrote “To the Love of my life, the woman who became my father, to the one who supported all my dreams with prayers, to the woman who brought me up in good manners, to the woman who told me ‘you will be king’…”.

“Happy birthday my forever Love, my own Queen. This is the beginning of your happiness and there shall be no end. I love you mum. Happy birthday Omolara”.

See more photos of Broda Shaggi’s mother below:

Broda Shaggi rose to prominence and popularity after bring the on social media. Broda Shaggi is one of the first Nigerian comediennes to leverage instagram.

with the like of Maraji. They have now become prominent in their field, building a lasting brand.

About Broda Shaggi

Shaggi is one of those to prove that the social media can be put to good use. For business, brand building and visibility.

Little wonder he could break-in to the market, due to the growth of people using the internet.

Celebrating his mother is beautiful, also celebrating Broda Shaggy’s journey to becoming a household name is even more beautiful.

Happy birthday to Broda Shaggi’s mother. She has a great son, whose story will inspire many young people in Nigeria to start with what they have.

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