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We offer articles on celebrity biographies, zee world and star life series actors biographies and biographies of popular people. This website also provides entertainment and lifestyle articles on our web address


When a user leaves a comment, their email address are stored on the website.

Comments and user name are public and could be seen by other users.


Cookies are used to give users a better experience, also for better choice of advertisement they may see on this site based on their past activities on other sites on the web.

When a user creates an account, leaves a comment, subscribes to newsletters or push notifications, their data are retained, so they don’t get to provide them next time. This cookies last up to twelve months.

While some browsers accept cookies automatically, some do not. Users may have to either accept or reject cookies on this website when the get the option.

When a user visits the website, their device type, browser and IP address are detected.


Cookies may be used by Google to serve advertising in future on this site. The cookies used for Google advertising is based on Google’s systems. However, users can learn how to disable Google advertising if need be.

There may also be third party advertisement and affiliate products delivered by or our partners.

Embedded content from other websites

In some articles on this website, articles, videos and pictures from other websites may be embedded. In such cases these sites may collect user’s data.

These third party may have cookies to monitor user’s interaction on their sites. In such cases is not responsible for how these third party websites use or store user’s data.

Who we share your data with

User data are collected by cookie to help easy use of our website.

User’s data maybe used by advertisers to decide the right products to suggest to them.

How long we retain your data

Data like username or comment left on our website are stored to recognize and differentiate users from each other. Comments may be store if they are appropriate but may be deleted if they are spam.

Users can also delete comments left on the website.

What rights you have over your data

In cases where account are created, where a user’s data are included, such data may be retained to conform to legal warrant or for public and users security.

In cases where emails are sent to users email address, users can decide to unsubscribe at anytime.

In cases of push notifications sent to users browser or phone, users can also decide to disable such push notifications.

Users can also delete their comment on the website.

Links to other website

Articles on may contain links to other websites for clarity of articles or for reference. In such cases, is not responsible for the third party website’s privacy and policy.

Where we send your data

User data may be disclose in some cases when it is required;

a. For safety of the public and users

b. When receives a warrant to provide such information to conform to legal requirements

c. To protect our right or enforce terms of use.

d. In case of sale, reserve the right to transfer all data and asset to the new right owner or successor.

Other than the above case users data are not disclosed.


We may provide new article update where a user have accepted and subscribed for our web push notifications. Users who are subscribed to our web push notification can unsubscribe at anytime to stop receiving such notification.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Changes may be made to this Privacy policy from time to time to time. Users or bound by these changes that may be made in future.