Mahira and Sarla quit This is Fate

Mahira and Sarla Quit This is Fate Zee World Series

This may leave you with happy and sad feeling, like Mahira and Sarla Quit This is fate. Like Thank God Mahira is gone!

Swati Kapoor is better known as Mahira and Supriya Shukla is better known  as Sarla both in the zee world series this is fate.

This article shares the enter information on why they are quitting. Please hang on and read this to the end.

The zee world series this is fate in English is originally kundali bhagya in Hindi.  The original version is later dubbed in English and distributed across Africa through zee world.

For this reason, the changes announced in this article may not be noticed yet  in the zee world Africa. This is because it takes time to translate these movies to English and distribute  in Africa.

If at the time you are reading this Mahira and Sarla are still in Twist of fate, it is because of the above reason.

That does not change the fact that they have already quit the original hindi series kundali  bhagya. It is only a matter of time before their exit will be noticed in Zee world Africa

Why Sarla Quit the Zee World Series

According to source, NT Sarla was reached reagarding her exit. She said she was  on the show twist of fate for eight years and has been on the show this is fate ever since as well.

She later realized that the role Sarla was not so important to the show twist of fate but interestingly she was also casted for this is fate. Supriya Shukla added that her role Sarla  is very demanding because she always had to put in real emotions in all her crying scenes

Along the line working on This is fate, she has also been casted for another movie Molki.

She has been shooting the two series side by side. Continuing the two shows has prooven ta take a lot of her family time. Therefore, she decided to drop one of the shows.

Having worked on this is fate for most of the time, she has  decided to quit the show. Also, she quit this is fate because she feels her character is not  so important in the zee world series.

She also added that she may return to the show this is fate in future. She is quitting to find time for her family.

Sarla is also one of the actors that quit Twist of fate.

Why Mahira Quit This is Fate

Swati Kapoor is popularly known as Mahira from the zee world series in English this is fate. Mahira has also quit the show This is fate

According to her, she quits the show because there is nothing more left for the role Mahira.

The Zee world series This is Fate according to Swati is taking a leap and Mahira will no longer be needed.

She added that Mahira has completed one thousand episodes within two years on the series this is fate. Mahira or Swati Kapoor confirmed her last day of filming to be on the 14th of July 2021.

Also, Swati disclosed that she was leaving the show satisfied. 

Actually, Mahira did not quit the zee world series, rather she has done everything required for  her role.

On a lighter note, it is expected that the viewers of this is fate series on zee world would be happy that  Mahira is actually quitting the show.

There you have it, the reason why Mahira and Sarla quit this is fate. Also read the real names, age and partners of all the cast in This is Fate zee world series.