are long distance relationship worth it

Are Long Distance Relationship Worth It? -Tips and Ideas

People who often find themselves in different locations from their partner due to work, education or any other  important reason could be categorized as those in long distance relationships. They often ask ‘are long distance relationship worth it?’ find out in this article.

Long distance relationships have there pros and cons. However, this article will provide you with long distance dating tips and ideas to help you work it out, or help you make the right decision about starting one.

How Can Long Distance Relationship work?

Before starting a long distance relationship, it is advisable to check out the following:

Answering these questions and considering these factors are important for you to find out if long distance relationship is right for you.

Can you cope without physical contact with your partner for a long time?

This is very crucial. It is mostly perceived that a partner may not be faithful, just because the other person can’t see their environment. That brings us to the second

Trusting your Partner is one of the greatest Long distance relationship tip

It is one thing to be faithful, it is another for one to believe that their partner truly is.  Some situations may not appear the way they really are, trusting your partner is major for long distance relationship.

Communication is one Long Distance Relationship Tip that can never be over emphasized

Communication is an entire approach to a long distance relationship. It is one thing to go on a date with one’s partner but in long distance relationship, it is not always so. There is always enough need to communicate. The fact that you can’t be with each other for a long period of time physically, proves the need for constant video calls, texting and phone call and that takes the place of that weekend getaway that would have happened and many more.

Are you ready to pay the cost?

Long distance relationship can be expensive. Your communication and other ways of getting in touch is solely dependent on internet connection and that’s not free.

Can you cope with the emotional part of having your partner away?

You know people may not believe you when you say that you are in a relationship. They will ask “where is he or she?” There would come a time when you need your kid’s dad to stand in or a business meeting that would have been better if your girlfriend were there, or perhaps just the contribution they would make to everyday life, just by their presence.

You need to be ready to cope with all that and really don’t mind before getting into a long distance relationship for it to work.

Are long distance relationship worth it?

After considering all of the above criteria required for one to maintain and sustain a long distance relationship, it would not be out of place for one to ask if it is really worth it.

There are many long distance relationships that have led to marriages, even though marriage is a question of compatibility.  This means  that long distance relationship are worth it.

Marriage may not be your goal even though you honestly care so much for your partner, but just know that a long distance relationship is worth it if your relationship goals are met.

Half bread is better than none. Yes, your patner may not be physically present but  you do not necessarily have to feel the loneliness of not having a partner to talk to like when you are single.

Benefits of long distance relationship

While it is true that staying with one’s partner has enormous benefits, it is also true that staying without one’s partner has it’s benefits too, if one can look at it from this point of view. Such benefits are;

Having enough time for one’s self. Having a me time to clear off your head or to push life through with reasonable thoughts isn’t a bad idea. This is still possible whether or not one’s partner is around but a long distance relationship provides more time.

Non frequent misunderstanding. There is a saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. This could be the case if one’s partner is away unlike when they are in close reach.

Independence. Although a controlling partner is never a good partner, but in this case, it is not necessarily control. The independence to make decisions by yourself that would have been totally different if your partner were present brings a sense of happiness. one would be like, “glad they were not there”.

Long Distance Relationship  Ideas

There are sure ways to make one’s long distance relationship work. Ideas that can help foster a stronger bond in a long distance relationship are;

Sending gifts, flowers and perfumes

These gifts are items that will further strengthen your bond with your partners. They make your presence felt even when you are far away apart.

Watch Tv shows that you are both interested in

This further helps you both have a common ground and what to talk about always, especially if one person has to let the other in on what they missed.

Write Love Letters to each other

This may sound pretty old fashioned but having your loving words in writing to your partner gets a spot in the heart. Such letters are sometimes kept for years and regarded as very precious.

Virtual Intimacy

Through text, calls or just virtually.

Play games

Games make you fond of each other and can replace the time you would have spent together on face time.

Long Distance Relationship Dating Games

Play dress up Game.

This means dressing really up just to talk to your partner, like you do when going on a real date. This will help the both of you remember how handsome or beautiful your partner really is.

Play Real Games

There are so many game apps that allow two players. You can find one suitable for you and your partner and strengthen your bond.

Truth or Dare Game

This is very relevant, especially if you are still trying to figure out each other. Truth or dare game can help expose personality traits, an extent of who your partner really is, if you ask the right questions and dares. Vice versa.

Play who calls who first game

This would really help to keep up with your partner. This could be coined into several activities to find out who spends more thing or finishes their activities first.

These are top long distance relationship dating tips and ideas to help you make the right choices or maintain your long distance relationship.

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