Aliya Mehra

Aliya Mehra (Shikah Singh) of Twist of Fate Shares Cute Family Pictures

Shikha Singh is popular as Aliya Mehra from the Zee World series Twist of Fate, Abhi’s sister.

Most of the fans of the show twist of fate wonder why Shikha Singh quit twist of fate. Well, that was because she was expecting her baby.

How time flies! Her baby is already as big as can be seen in the pictures below.

The actress reported quit the show twist of Fate or Kumkum bhagya to nurse her baby and care for her family.

There were also reports that Shikha Singh was pregnant at the time shooting resumed. Therefore could not resumed shoot with the producer. For this reason, the show management had to replace her.

Also, there are reports saying that the actress said she wasn’t really quitting the show twist of Fate. But there was nothing left for her character. However, viewers of Twist of Fate are still missing her as Aliya.

Though her replacement, the new Aliya is doing a great job. This Aliya Mehra (Shikha Singh) will continue to be loved.

Even after she left Twist of fate, the actress has been dishing out contents. This she does through her youtube channel and Instagrm page.

Shikha Singh shared this photos of her husband and their baby on her birthday.

She has shared the pictures of her family as they go on vacation on her birthday in 2021. See more pictures below.

Shikha Singh or Aliya Mehra has an adorable family! Let’s know what you think in the comments section.

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