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Actors Who Quit Zee World Twist of Fate

It is normal to replace actors in Indian series. While this is good for the continuity of the series, when the actors decide to exit the show. Here is the list of actors who quit Zee world Twist of Fate due to one reason or the other.

The downside of actors quitting Zee world series is that viewers have familiarized themselves with old characters and will find it hard to come to terms with the new ones but are not left with much of a choice.

Arjit Taneja

Arjit Taneja who took on the role Purab in the first season of Twist of Fate was replaced with Vin Rana for the character Purab.

As with most of Zee world series actors who quit in the past, Ajit Taneja also gave related reason. He said the Zee world series Twist of Fate has nothing much for his character at that time so, he decided ta take a bow.

Actors are always looking out for challenging projects that will boost their Career and bring in awards.

It appears the producers of the series had considered his reason and added more flesh to the role Purab. However, Ajit Taneja already quit and was replaced by Vin Rana.

Why Aliya Mehra Quit Zee World Twist of Fate

The most popular Aliya from the series Twist of Fate is none other than Shikha Singh. She also joined the Bandwagon of actors that quit zee world twist of fate.

Unfortunately, after the Covid break, when the production resumed shoots, Shikha Singh was pregnant for her first child and couldn’t make it for the shoot. The production team apparently could not wait for her to deliver. She was replaced with Reyhna Pandit.

Why Rhea Quit Twist of Fate

Naina Singh took on the character Rhea, Prachi’s twin sister, Abhi and Pragya’s daughter, who grew up with Abhi. The viewers of the show loved the first Rhea because of her resemblance with her aunt, Aliya.

There are also viewers of the show who found her acting spectacular with the way she call Prachi her twin sister and finally her great fashion sense which suites her rich kid character.

Unfortunately, Naina Singh quit the role Rhea and was later replaced by Pooja Banerjee as the new Rhea.

Naina in an interview responded to why she quit Zee World series Twist of Fate, said she didn’t think her personality suits the negative character she was playing. She was worried her fans may think she is really that way in real life.

Also, she admitted to having a crush on Shabir Ahluwalia, that is Abhi, who she acted along side as her father and often felt nervous acting with him.

Leena Jumani

Tanu, the favorite Valian also quit the Zee world series Twist of Fate. After the show took a 20 years leap, Leena Jumani quit the show on the grounds that she isn’t as old as she is required to play.

She tried her hands on it for a while but concluded she is not fit to portray the character of someone who is a lot older.

There are also speculations that Tanu, that is Leena Jumani is returning to the show in future episodes.

There you have it, actors who quit the Zee World Twist of Fate and those who were replaced. Who did we miss? Let’s know in the comments.

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